Katherine M. Houghton, Ed.D. - A Photographic Journey of Discovery

Dr. Katherine Houghton is an educator, researcher, world traveler, and award winning photographer that focuses her lens on individuals that she encounters along the journey.  Her research and publications on voice and visual inquiry and eye for cultural context encourages others to understand the historical, societal, economic, cultural, or political challenges of these individuals.  Additionally, her photographic images evoke and foster discourse, dialogue, and writings from viewers of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds.  She has presented and exhibited nationally and internationally and has extensive experience as an educator serving a diversity of learners in various educational settings (from medical schools to elementary schools) in the United States and abroad.  Katherine advocates for increasing access to educational and artistic options and professional opportunities for all learners.  Presently, she promotes the creation of learning environments that integrate the arts to enhance literacy and foster diversity and multiculturalism throughout the curriculum.  Specifically, she works with faculty and staff at educational institutions to comprehensively integrate and utilize the arts and global initiatives to promote student achievement in and out of the classroom. 


For many personal and professional reasons I have come to appreciate that as a woman, daughter and sister, photographer, and researcher I am called  to visually depict and seek understanding of the lived experiences of women and children that I encounter during my travels around the world.  Throughout my travels I have discovered that my photographic lens is drawn to make visible and give sight to the experiences of myself and of the women and children that I am meeting, reflecting on, and gaining glimpses of along the journey.  Oftentimes, I sense that the women and children are giving me the image rather than me taking the photograph.  During this exchange I acquire an awareness of both background and foreground experiences and comprehend the significance of a single image or multiple images that may serve to illustrate a story.  As I become less of a stranger in a foreign land it is as if the camera becomes part of my conversations, views, and encounters, therefore, I have developed a thankful and powerful relationship with my camera. My camera provides me the ability to focus, see, connect, and communicate with others and myself.  For me encountering the visual is a never-ending process that has neither a beginning nor ending.  Instead the visual journey seeks to discover, uncover, and recover imagery.  All through this journey I am seeking to acknowledge historical, societal, economic, cultural, and political conditions that may give explanation to my experiences and images.


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